Landlord Licensing Update. Newham Council.

Hi Landlords. 

As there is very little information around regarding the actual implementation of the landlord licence, I'm running around trying to find as much info as possible in order to help. 

All we really know at the moment, is that it's 99% certain it's going to come into place on the 1st october, it's going to cost £700 per property, with an early bird discount of £350 if applied for early. 

Now, as the councillor in charge of this "amazing idea" was brought in from Newham council, where she had previously implemented the same system, it wouldn't be daft to assume that it's going to be a very similar system implemented in Costa Del Croydon.

If you want a heads up, you can go onto the Newham council website and see the application process for selective licensing, or email me on and I can email you the PDF information sheets.  

From having a look earlier today, I can see that they want a pile of information for the application, which you may need to have ready, such as mortgage company details and freeholders details. 

The website states that they suggest to allow 40 minutes to fill in the application. We will probably offer an extra service to do this on our landlords behalf, but haven't yet ironed out the details for sure as of yet regarding pricing, and if Croydon's version would even allow me to do it. 

Either way, all hail Croydon Council for charging £350 per property for 5 years of being allowed to rent your property out! 

On the bright side, I can make this sound a lot easier to swallow if I tell you it calculates at £5.83 per month... No? Doesn't help? OK I don't blame you!