Licence update. Who fills out the form??!!

Hi Landlords

I have been emailing the council's housing enforcement team, and found out a few bits, nothing dramatic. 

1) The official date where we can start to apply for licences, is the 1st July 2015. 

2) As the agent collecting the rent, I can apply (and pay for) for the licence for you. 

As each form is quite thorough, we will have to charge an admin fee of £100 + vat* per property that we have to licence on our landlords behalf. For this fee, we will ensure that the licence is applied for and received within the discounted period, where they charge £350 instead of £750. 

The total cost Letting Land will charge will be £446 including vat for a full 5 years licence. 

If you wanted to do it yourself and waited until 1st October when it comes in to place, you will have to pay £750.

I will write to all landlords in the next 2 months with more definite details of how this will be done (i.e. out of the rent or an up front payment).

*Depending on the extent on the application process for landlords with multiple properties, I will be in a better position to decide if my charge will remain at £100 + vat for landlords with multiple properties. If it's as simple as one application with multiple addresses, my fee will of course not be charged per property.  

Any questions let me know!!